Volunteer Positions in the MCFD#1

The largest and most valuable assets to our organization are Volunteer Firefighters who call Marion County Fire District #1 home.

Since MCFD#1 was formed over 30 years ago with the merger of the Brooks Rural Fire District and Four Corners Fire District establishing an area of emergency coverage of more than 80 square miles.

Today meet the emergency needs of citizens with a diversified Career and Volunteer workforce. Our programs utilize Volunteers in many capacities, through three different response positions:

  1. Resident Firefighter

  2. Tour of Duty

  3. Home Responder Volunteer Firefighter

Resident Firefighter

The Resident Firefighter position was created to maintain consistent staffing of our six all volunteer response stations.

Resident Firefighter Duties and Qualifications (Coming Soon)


Tour of Duty Firefighter

The Tour of Duty Firefighter position was created to accommodate individuals who wished to give of their time to MCFD#1, but do not live within our district borders, or these individuals are not able to meet the needs of the other two positions.

Tour of Duty Firefighter Duties and Qualifications (Coming Soon)


The men of the first volunteer fire department, called the Union Fire Company, totaled about two dozen and pledged to hasten to the scene should a fire break out in a fellow member’s home. Their equipment consisted of leather buckets for dousing flames with water and linen bags for spiriting valuables out of burning buildings. The volunteer fire department offered members an opportunity to serve their city and improve themselves.

Home Responder Firefighter

The Home Responder position is the traditional volunteer firefighter role. This position has existed in US history since Benjamin Franklin established the first volunteer fire department in Philadelphia (1736). Many of today’s more rural fire agencies and fire districts rely on volunteers who respond when needed.

Home Responder Firefighter Duties and Qualifications (Coming Soon)


Additional information about the volunteer recruitment process can be found in our Volunteer Recruitment FAQ.


How Do I Sign Up?

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