MCFD#1 Volunteer Positions and Requirements

The largest and most valuable assets to our organization are our Volunteers who call Marion County Fire District #1 home.

Since MCFD#1 was formed over 30 years ago with the merger of the Brooks Rural Fire District and Four Corners Fire District establishing an area of emergency coverage of more than 80 square miles.

Today we meet the emergency needs of citizens with a diversified Career and Volunteer workforce. Our programs utilize Volunteers in many capacities, through three different response type positions:

Student and Resident

The Student and Resident positions were created to maintain consistent staffing of our six volunteer response stations.

Qualifications: You must have either completed the NFPA Firefighter 1 coursework -or- possess a National Registry EMT (or higher) certification with the ability to acquire Oregon reciprocity within 90 days of appointment. If you are currently enrolled and are actively participating in the Chemeketa Community College Fire Program you also qualify. We have both EMS and Firefighter positions available at most stations.

Tour of Duty

The Tour of Duty position was created to accommodate individuals who wished to give of their time to MCFD#1 but do not live within a limited driving distance to one of our designated Volunteer response Stations. This Volunteer position type allows the flexibility to schedule convenient times to be on duty and available to respond to the communities needs.

Qualifications: EMS positions must possess a National Registry EMT (or higher) certification with the ability to acquire Oregon reciprocity within 90 days of appointment. Firefighter positions are available to those who are already Oregon accredited or qualify for reciprocity. We offer an annual firefighter recruit academy in the fall for those who need to complete entry-level training.

Home Responder

The Home Responder position is the traditional volunteer role. This position has existed in US history since Benjamin Franklin established the first volunteer fire department in Philadelphia (1736). Many of today’s more rural fire agencies and fire districts rely on volunteers who respond when needed. Home Responders live within a limited driving distance of one of our designated Volunteer response Stations. We have Firefighter positions available at most stations and Tender Operator positions at a few select stations.

Our Home Responding Volunteer Firefighters also contribute a couple of 12 hour shifts per month that the Volunteer selects based on their availability. The number of 12 hour shifts varies depending on how many calls for service the Volunteer is available to participate in from their home assigned station. The fewer calls they are able to respond to with their assigned home station will have a higher number of 12 hour shifts. This ensures the Volunteer Firefighter is receiving ongoing opportunity to utilize their skills and training on actual scene events. This also encourages ongoing training and promotional opportunities for more advanced positions in leadership.

Qualifications: Firefighter positions are available to those who are already Oregon accredited or qualify for reciprocity. We offer a Tender Operator academy in the spring and a firefighter recruit academy in the fall for those who need to complete entry-level training.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

For each of the types of participation levels above the following are the position descriptions. Not all position descriptions have all types of activity available. For example; Tender Operators are only available as a Home Responder type of activity. This is because Tenders are only called to approximately 20 incidents per year where they are needed. Applicants who live too far away from one of the stations that have a Tender assigned to it would not be a good fit either since responding to fires in a timely manner is necessary. Participating as a Tour of Duty Volunteer there would be very little chance that of nearly the 7,000 calls we respond to that one of them would require a Tender and you would be on shift during that time.

Additional information about the volunteer recruitment process can be found in our Volunteer Recruitment FAQ Page.

[jbox title=”DID YOU KNOW?”]The men of the first volunteer fire department, called the Union Fire Company, totalled about two dozen and pledged to hasten to the scene should a fire break out in a fellow member’s home. Their equipment consisted of leather buckets for dousing flames with water and linen bags for spiriting valuables out of burning buildings. The volunteer fire department offered members an opportunity to serve their city and improve themselves.[/jbox]

2021 Volunteer Recruitment Schedule

Winter Recruitment : Firefighters & EMS Volunteers



January 8th, 2021 – 1700 hours.

Application period ends. We must have received your application by this date/time. Ensure that your materials are complete and that you have the notary page completed correctly. See our FAQs for more information.

January 16th, 2021 – 0800 hours.

Physical Ability Testing and Psychological Screening to be completed. As of October 2020, MCFD1 has discontinued exclusive use of the CPAT for physical ability testing. We currently utilize a physical ability test we call the Quarter Mile. If Firefighters have a current NTN CPAT Certification you may skip the physical ability testing portion, but you must still attend to complete the Psychological Screening. EMS Volunteer Applicants will take a similar physical ability test focused at EMS related tasks. Your Statement of Personal History is due no later than the following Monday so your background may be started and completed on time. Specific time and location of the testing will be provided at the closing of the application process. If you haven’t received notification by the Thursday before, please contact us.

January 18th to  February 26th, 2021

Background Investigations, Occupational Health Exams and related processes. We will notify you as needed by email. We will direct you to the appropriate healthcare facility to schedule your exam. There is no cost to you for the exam. You may not attend Orientation until results of this exam have been received. When notified to make your exam appointment, you need to do so such that the results of that exam are received no later than February 26th.

February 27th, 2021 – 0800 to 1700 hours

Mandatory Orientation Class. Upon notification of your background being completed this will be our next formal meeting. Plan on attending the entire day.


Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be issued. Typically there are a few dates/times made available depending on staffing schedules.

March 20th, 2021 – 0800 to 1700 hours

Certified/Trained Firefighters skills day review and apparatus orientation. This is the first skills day for the certified firefighters.

April 3rd, 2021 – 0800 to 1700 hours

Certified/Trained Firefighter skills day make up or additionally identified training needs. EMS Volunteer Apparatus Orientation.


Additional individual training as determined by organization.