Message from the Chief


Our purpose for existing.
To be an organization that is known and trusted by our community, respected by our peers, and united in the accomplishment of our mission.


Our purpose for existing.
To make a positive difference in our community.
We accomplish this by (1) Rapid Response (2) Taking Appropriate Action and (3) Producing a Beneficial Result.

Within our Organization, there are Five Basic Rules which every member is should know and consistently practice:

  1. Do What is Right.
  2. Do Your Best.
  3. Treat Others with Dignity, Understanding and Respect.
  4. Leave the Situation Better than the Way you Found it.
  5. Help Other Members to be Successful.

The success of our organization is dependent upon the proper mixture of talented, dedicated, and capable personnel, command staff, and board members. This balance is critical to our ability to serve our community in the best possible manner.

We welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions regarding all aspects of MCFD No. 1. We exist to serve, and we intend to do precisely that.

Fire Chief Kyle McMann