Fleet & Facilities Division

The main goal of the Fleet and Facilities Division is to maintain and manage the public’s investment in our fleet, facilities, and equipment and ensure these resources are ready to help meet our emergency response mission.

Our Fleet and Facilities Division coordinates all routine and preventive maintenance activities for the District’s eight stations, training facility, classrooms, and administrative building. Additionally, this Division is involved in new construction and major remodels.

With 9 engines, 7 transport ambulances, 3 brush units, 4 tenders, and 12 staff vehicles to maintain, this division is responsible for all aspects of fleet services, including; preventive maintenance, major repairs, apparatus rebuilds, and new purchases.

Division – Fleet and Facilities

Our Fleet and Facilities Division is probably the toughest division, according to Battalion Chief Mark Bjorklund. Responsible for 56 pieces of rolling apparatus and 8 stations and their outlying buildings, maintenance and repair is crucial. As Troy Jurgens, Operations Officer, says, “You’re in charge of a big piece of apparatus and you hold everybody’s life in your hands on the way and coming home from calls.”

Water Tenders Are Very Needed

Kris Boyer, Battalion Chief at Marion County Fire District No. 1, describes how brush trucks and water tenders are used to fight wildland fires. Water tenders are needed in mutual aid situations, and MCFD No. 1 often helps neighboring agencies by providing water tenders, as well as personnel, to help the firefighting effort.