Brian Woodley
Brian WoodleyAssistant Training Officer
Brian Woodley began his fire service career as a Volunteer Firefighter with Marion County Fire District #1 in November of 2000. Brian continued his fire service experience and education showing a commitment to training and development early on. Brian advanced to the rank of Volunteer Lieutenant in October of 2004 and then Volunteer Captain in July of 2006.

Brian completed an Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice in June of 2006 and earned his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at Corban University graduating in May of 2009. Brian joined the administration team in June of 2010 as the Assistant Training Officer and continues to develop and deliver a wide range of educational subject matter incorporating traditional delivery with advances in multimedia technologies.

In June of 2012 Brian successfully completed the National Fire Academy for Training Program Management in Emmitsburg, Maryland and continues personal development in related fields that enhance the fire districts service delivery.

Brian manages a number of technical programs abroad including regional programs that enhance the overall performance of the fire service in both Marion & Polk Counties.