The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for the function and operation of Fire Prevention and Public Safety services. The major functions of this office include:

  • Enforcing, or causing to be enforced, all adopted Fire Prevention laws and ordinances
  • Investigation of all undetermined and suspicious fires; including assistance in the prosecution of persons charged with arson
  • Fire drills and fire prevention activities at schools and other places of public assembly
  • Conducting plans reviews for compliance with fire safety regulations
  • Acting as liaison with building departments and the State Fire Marshal’s office
  • Acting as liaison with water Authorities and departments for the purpose of establishing and maintaining up-to-date records regarding hydrant location and fire flows

Fire Marshal Paula Smith is also responsible for the coordination and completion of all business inspections within the Marion County Fire District boundaries.

Public safety and education is vital to the fire service. Every opportunity to educate the public about fire safety increases the odds of avoiding a fire related emergency. Providing fire prevention curriculum and activities in the schools has a major impact in reducing fire risks in the home. When necessary, Fire Marshal Smith will conduct a juvenile fire-setter intervention for those children who have developed an interest in fire play.

If you would like to learn more about the services through the Fire Marshal’s Office, or to find out how you can schedule a tour of the fire station, please contact Fire Marshal Paula Smith at 503-588-6513.

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